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Quantify is a Python-based data acquisition framework focused on Quantum Computing and solid-state physics experiments. The framework consists of quantify-core (git repo) and quantify-scheduler (git repo). It is built on top of QCoDeS and is a spiritual successor of PycQED.

quantify-scheduler is a Python module for writing quantum programs featuring a hybrid gate-pulse control model with explicit timing control. This control model allows quantum gate and pulse-level descriptions to be combined in a clearly defined and hardware-agnostic way. quantify-scheduler is designed to allow experimentalists to easily define complex experiments. It produces synchronized pulse schedules that are distributed to control hardware, after compiling these schedules into control-hardware specific executable programs.

Take a look at the latest documentation for quantify-scheduler or use the switch at the bottom of the left panel to read the documentation for older releases. Also see the latest documentation for quantify-core.

Overview and Community

For a general overview of Quantify and connecting to its open-source community, see quantify-os.org. Quantify is maintained by the Quantify Consortium consisting of Qblox and Orange Quantum Systems.

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The software is free to use under the conditions specified in the license.


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