Source code for quantify_scheduler.backends.qblox.operation_handling.factory

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the main branch
"""Functions for producing operation handling strategies."""

from __future__ import annotations

from quantify_scheduler.enums import BinMode

from quantify_scheduler.backends.types.qblox import OpInfo
from quantify_scheduler.backends.qblox.operation_handling import (

[docs]def get_operation_strategy( operation: OpInfo, instruction_generated_pulses_enabled: bool, output_mode: str ) -> base.IOperationStrategy: """ Determines and instantiates the correct strategy object. Parameters ---------- operation The operation we are building the strategy for. instruction_generated_pulses_enabled Specifies if instruction generated pulses (e.g. staircase through offsets) are allowed. If set to False, only generically treated pulses are allowed. output_mode Either "real", "imag" or complex depending on whether the signal affects only path0, path1 or both. Returns ------- : The instantiated strategy object. """ if["port"] is None: if == "ShiftClockPhase": return virtual.NcoPhaseShiftStrategy(operation) return virtual.IdleStrategy(operation) if operation.is_acquisition: return _get_acquisition_strategy(operation) return _get_pulse_strategy( operation, instruction_generated_pulses_enabled, output_mode )
def _get_acquisition_strategy( operation: OpInfo, ) -> acquisitions.AcquisitionStrategyPartial: """Handles the logic for determining the correct acquisition type.""" protocol =["protocol"] if protocol in ("trace", "ssb_integration_complex"): if protocol == "trace" and["bin_mode"] == BinMode.APPEND.value: raise ValueError( f"Trace acquisition does not support APPEND bin mode.\n\n" f"{repr(operation)} caused this exception to occur." ) return acquisitions.SquareAcquisitionStrategy(operation) if protocol == "weighted_integrated_complex": return acquisitions.WeightedAcquisitionStrategy(operation) raise ValueError( f'Unknown acquisition protocol "{protocol}" encountered in ' f"Qblox backend when processing acquisition {repr(operation)}." ) def _get_pulse_strategy( operation: OpInfo, instruction_generated_pulses_enabled: bool, output_mode: str ) -> base.IOperationStrategy: """Handles the logic for determining the correct pulse type.""" if instruction_generated_pulses_enabled: wf_func =["wf_func"] if wf_func == "quantify_scheduler.waveforms.square": return pulses.StitchedSquarePulseStrategy(operation, output_mode) if wf_func == "quantify_scheduler.waveforms.staircase": return pulses.StaircasePulseStrategy(operation, output_mode) return pulses.GenericPulseStrategy(operation, output_mode)