Tutorials Zurich Instruments Backend


The quantify_scheduler.backends.zhinst_backend is still under development. Breaking changes at this stage are not excluded.

Please read this Gitlab Issue for open issues.


quantify_scheduler provides a stateless module: zhinst_backend, that abstracts the complexity of setting up Zurich Instruments for experiments in a modern and automated fashion. quantify_scheduler combines Quantum Device- and Instrument properties with the Schedule during compilation to generate waveforms and sequencing instructions specifically for Zurich Instruments hardware. More information about complilation can be found in the User Guide.

Using existing programming interfaces provided via zhinst-qcodes and zhinst-toolkit, quantify_scheduler prepares the instruments that are present in the hardware configuration file. See more on how to configure the zhinst_backend in the How to configure page.

Finally, after configuring and running compile_backend() successfully the instruments are prepared for execution.

The Zurich Instruments backend provides:

  • Automatic generation of Sequencer instructions.

  • Waveform generation and modulation.

  • Memory-efficient Sequencing with the CommandTable.

  • Configuration for Triggers and Markers.

  • Flexible configuration via JSON data structures.

Supported Instruments

  • ✅ | HDAWG

  • ✅ | UHFQA

  • ⬜️ | MFLI

  • ⬜️ | UHFLI