Source code for quantify_scheduler.enums

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the master branch
"""Enums for quantify-scheduler."""

from enum import Enum, unique

[docs]@unique class SignalModeType(str, Enum): """ The signal output enum type. Used to set the output signal type to a modulated or real respectively. """ COMPLEX = "complex" REAL = "real"
[docs]@unique class ReferenceSourceType(str, Enum): """ The reference source enum type. Used to set the source trigger type to internal or external respectively. """ NONE = "none" INTERNAL = "int" EXTERNAL = "ext"
[docs]@unique class ModulationModeType(str, Enum): """ The modulation mode enum type. Used to set the modulation type to None, premodulation or hardware modulation respectively. """ NONE = "none" PREMODULATE = "premod" MODULATE = "modulate"
[docs]@unique class BinMode(str, Enum): """ The acquisition protocol bin mode enum type. Used to set the bin type to append or average respectively. BinMode `APPEND` uses a list where every new result will be appended to the list. BinMode `AVERAGE` incrementally stores the weighted average result. """ APPEND = "append" AVERAGE = "average"
[docs]@unique class InstrumentOperationMode(str, Enum): """ The InstrumentOperationMode enum defines in what operational mode an instrument is in. OPERATING mode sets the Instrument in its default operation mode. CALIBRATING mode sets the Instrument in calibration mode in which for example the numeric pulses generated by a backend for an AWG are set to np.ones. """ OPERATING = "operate" CALIBRATING = "calibrate"