Source code for quantify_scheduler.backends.types.common

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the master branch
"""Common python dataclasses for multiple backends."""

from dataclasses import dataclass
from dataclasses_json import DataClassJsonMixin

from quantify_scheduler import enums

[docs]@dataclass class MixerCorrections(DataClassJsonMixin): """ The mixer corrections record type. Parameters ---------- amp_ratio: float The amplitude ratio between the real and imaginary paths for correcting the imbalance in the IQ mixer. (default = 1.0) phase_error: float The phase shift error used to compensate for quadrature errors. (default = .0) dc_offset_I: float The DC offset off the real(I) path for lo feed-through compensation in Volts(V). (default = .0) dc_offset_Q: float The DC offset off the imaginary(Q) path for lo feed-through compensation in Volts(V). (default = .0) """ amp_ratio: float = 1.0 phase_error: float = 0.0 dc_offset_I: float = 0.0 # pylint: disable=invalid-name dc_offset_Q: float = 0.0 # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs]@dataclass class Modulation(DataClassJsonMixin): """ The backend Modulation record type. Parameters ---------- type : The modulation mode type select. Allows to choose between. (default = ModulationModeType.NONE) 1. no modulation ('none') 2. Premodulation ('premod') 3. IQ Modulation ('modulate') interm_freq : The inter-modulation frequency (IF) in Hz. (default = 0.0). phase_shift : The IQ modulation phase shift in Degrees. (default = 0.0). """ type: enums.ModulationModeType = enums.ModulationModeType.NONE interm_freq: float = 0.0 phase_shift: float = 0.0
[docs]@dataclass class LocalOscillator(DataClassJsonMixin): """ The backend LocalOssilator record type. Parameters ---------- name : The QCodes name of the LocalOscillator. frequency : The local oscillator (LO) frequency in Hz. """ name: str frequency: float